I love to sketch when I go to museums, events, and readings. I have always loved figure drawing, so live drawing is the next best thing for me. (Yes, I’m well aware this isn’t one of those “I got into RISD” sketchbooks!)
I got to hear Patricia Smith!
I got to hear Patricia Smith!
2016 and 2017
Selected works from when I completed the Inktober challenge two years in a row
Fall 2017 to Spring 2018
Traditional studies I completed my freshman foundation year using acrylic, oil, pastel, and ink
Odontolabis lacordairei
Spring 2018
A four-foot long operable study of a stag beetle made of cardboard, hot glue, and cord. Inspired by Louise Bourgeois’s spider. This project haunts me, physically and mentally.

More Play

Birthday Zoomers
Celebrating birthdays in the pandemic using machine learning with audio
HTML, CSS, p5.js, Google’s Teachable Machine, Zoom / Spring 2020
DrawBot Explorations
Experimental coding in Python made visual with DrawBot
Creative coding, DrawBot, Python / Spring 2020 to present
SQSH Background Generator
An easy-to-use programmed background generator for SQSH PR materials
Creative coding, responsive layout, Python, DrawBot / Spring 2020
A modular and dynamic typeface inspired by The Matrix (1999, dir Lily and Lana Wachowski)
Website, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Figma, Glitch / Fall 2020
Out and Open
A layered book applying metaphors of concealment to Alison Bechdel’s “Fun Home”
Coptic-bound book, Layout Design, Book Design, Literary Analysis, InDesign / Fall 2020
Past, Present, and Future
Finding my visual voice guided by what fixates me and what I long for
Cards, postcards, poster, tabloid, packaging, branding, Photoshop, InDesign / Fall 2020
Datamatch Publicity Campaign
Engaging half of WashU’s student body in America’s oldest collegiate matchmaker
Apparel, flyers, social media, Figma, Illustrator, InDesign / 2019 to 2021
Pink in the Night
Visualizing lyrics from Mitski’s “Pink in the Night” utilizing repetition and DrawBot
Creative coding, postcards, DrawBot, Python / Winter 2021
My take on people, places, and food with a focus on narrative, color, and shapes
Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop, Wacom Tablet / 2017 to present
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