Let’s face it: all of us need practice with pronouns. Buddy is a chatbot who’s here to help! Using your keyboard or mic, chat with Buddy to practice using someone’s pronouns. Buddy will keep track of your score and kindly remind you if you slip up! We can all feel comfortable and confident using pronouns if we take the time to practice.
This began as my Spring semester capstone project. After much deliberation in the Fall semester, I decided I wanted to build an interactive tool that could help trans people. The idea of practicing pronouns arose from talking to WashU professor Trevor Joy Sangrey who calls their mom to chat about friends who’ve recently changed pronouns. They told me, “When friends change pronouns, you have to do some work to think about them. I think we create buckets. So we’re shifting a person from one bucket to another.” 
Buddy creates a fun, casual atmosphere to take pressure off the learning process.
Have you chatted with Buddy? Please take a quick survey about your experience!
Please stay tuned for more about my process!
In the meantime, you can chat with Buddy at capstone.bylee.work.
Other Resources
Human Rights Campaign (HRC): Transgender Resources

See the full list on the “info” page under “resources”!
Design, writing, and development by Miles “Bread” Lee
Base code and tutorial from The Coding Train by Dan Shiffman
RiveScript by Noah Petherbridge
p5.js led by Moira Turner and created by Lauren Lee McCarthy
p5.speech library by R. Luke DuBois
DM Mono and DM Sans by Colophon Foundry, Jonny Pinhorn, and Indian Type Foundry. Used via Google Fonts
Material Icons by Google
Hosted on GitHub Pages
Special Thanks
Thank you Jonathan Hanahan for your unfailing support, Trevor Joy Sangrey for your wisdom and the idea behind this project, Ben Kiel for introducing me to creative coding, Erika Harano for your patience and introducing me to DM Mono, August Tang for your mentorship, Out in Tech for hosting a mentorship program, Doug Shook for teaching me about clean code in CSE 237 (I wish this code was cleaner. Sorry Doug), Abram Siemsen for your endless JavaScript knowledge, Shreyas R. Krishnan and Jeff Pike for believing in me, and all Sam Fox professors for being generous and kind.

Thank you Ashley, Amy, Will Bates, Molly Needelman, Aaron Zemach, Eric Nylund, Melody, Aaron, John, and Kat for generously taking the time to go through testing with me.

Thank you Sonia, Mark, Luca, Max, Max, and Lane for your enthusiasm and TG meetings. Thank you Luka, Lisa, Amanda, Zoe, and the rest of SQSH for your time, support, and active listening workshops.

Thank you Jefferson Duan, Lucy Chen, Grace Park, Andriana Levytsky, Alec O’Brien, Trevor McKee, Clair Huang, Eugenia Yoh, Natalie Snyder, and the Sam Fox ’21 class (honorary or otherwise) for your camaraderie and grit. Truly.

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