The National Popular Vote Bill
270 by 2024 is a set of posters, postcards, and buttons meant to encourage people to reach out to their legislators to push the National Popular Vote Bill. The bill would ensure that whichever presidential candidate wins the national popular vote wins the presidency.
My poster incorporates warped data vis that represents the 196 out of 270 electoral votes the bill already has, compared the 94 it still needs. The warping evokes a flag in motion and alludes to a sense of mutability and possibility. To create the flag texture, I used a flatbed scanner to scan my roommate’s American flag while moving it to distort the resulting image.
I created postcards that constituents can write to their representatives to endorse the National Popular Vote Bill. I selected the states where the bill has been introduced but not passed, such as Arizona and Georgia. Also included are 1-inch buttons saying variations of “MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT,” “MAKE [STATE ABBREVIATION] COUNT,” and “MAKE EVERY VOTE COUNT.”
I scanned a secondhand American flag (thanks Amy) and turned it into texture.
Sample postcards and buttons. The “exhibition” setup in Steinberg Hall’s Etta’s Market (RIP Etta’s Cafe). Featured work by my classmates Amie Deng, Brooke Adler, Nina Clemente, Ashley Lee, and Lucy Chen.
In the near future, I hope to print out more postcards and sell them on my Etsy store. If you have any interest, email me!
Audra Hubbell for her incredible mentorship and flexibility
Cydney Cherepak for her mentorship, calming energy, and button maker!
GT America designed by Noël Leu with Seb McLauchlan for Grilli Type. Was it cheap of me to use this typeface for a project about voting in America? Let me know in an email!

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