What can I say? I love GIFs and have been making them with Photoshop’s frame animation function for years to do anything from captioning TV scenes to showcasing my work. I hope to make more motion graphics in the future.
2019 to present
3D objects modeled and rendered in Maya. Inspired by countless video game assets, including Donut County. Do you lack the zest of a lemon looking forward?
The Avatar’s Love
Fall 2020
A short motion sequence for part of the song “The Avatar’s Love” from Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is a sequence of images selected from a set of 108 I made in under two weeks using all sorts of media including ink, watercolor, ginkgo leaves, a flatbed scanner (highly recommend), Illustrator, Photoshop, and DrawBot. It was also my first time using After Effects.
Summer 2018
A perfect bound flipbook I made in the Parsons School of Design summer intensive, Illustration Beyond the Page. With the goal of shocking the viewer, I made a looping ending that’s kind of messed up. Sorry. Boba still slaps. Drawn frame-by-frame in Clip Studio Paint, animated in Adobe Photoshop.
December 2020
A promotional video made in After Effects revealing the show art for WashU’s annual production of Black Anthology. Established in 1989 as WashU’s first ever cultural show, Black Anthology is a student-led production that celebrates and discusses Black culture in America. I was grateful to be involved with this historical production for the 2020 to 2021 academic year. As Show Artist, I created the production’s imagery for posters, flyers, program booklet, and merchandise. This promotional video was part of the annual December Drop, a social media event orchestrated by Publicity Chair Marc Ridgell.
Love Hurts
Fall 2018
Another frame-by-frame animation responding to the prompt “love hurts.”
Mentorship provided by Becca Leffel-Koren and Tom Moore 

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