As a Communication Design major and a Computer Science minor, I have a strong interest in web design and development. I mainly use HTML and CSS, but also have some experience with JavaScript, Java, Python, and Swift.
A recipe webpage for Pork & Chive Dumplings from The Woks of Life, my favorite recipe blog. Made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with help from w3schools. As dictated by the project prompt, it is mobile-only, but if I were to continue working on this project I would expand it to be fully responsive and add more recipes. View it here on your phone, using the Inspect Element tool, or in a narrow browser window.
An interactive lyrics page for the song “Do it for Her” from Steven Universe. It’s fully responsive and highlights all of the characters’ lines when hovered over. If I were to continue this project, I would add all of the other Steven Universe songs and have a sorting system for characters and season. Made with HTML, CSS, and a little JavaScript. View it here!
A mobile app for calculating your final price while shopping and tipping. It even updates the final price while you’re typing! I actually wish I had this installed on my phone. If I were to continue with this project, I would put it through user testing. Made with XCode using Swift for the iPhone XR.
Mentorship provided by Abram Siemsen and James Fawcett.

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