In recent years, I’ve been fortunate to have been able to work with many clients, both university and non-university affiliated. 
For one of my part-time on-campus jobs, I was a Graphic Designer for WashU’s Student Union PR team. I worked with Student Union and various student groups on annual reports, program booklets, and PR materials. With each time-sensitive project, I adapted to the style guides of numerous groups. Throughout the process, I’d work closely with my client to incorporate their feedback with each iteration. One such client recently commissioned me for a project with the nonprofit where she now works. It was heartwarming to know that the work I did with her left an impression, even after she graduated from WashU. 
My client work makes me a better listener who strives to build trust by designing with people and not for them. Groups and clients I’ve worked with include Pride Alliance, Ursa’s Nite Life, SafeZones, Destination Q, Student Union, All Student Theater, Association of Black StudentsWU-Slam, Datamatch, Student Technology ServicesSam Fox Office of Communications, Black Anthology, SQSH, and Cultural Leadership. Here is a sample of my client work.
Student Technology Services: Webcam Covers
Summer 2019
As a Graphic Designer for Student Technology Services’ DevSTAC branch, I designed web, mobile, and product materials for university initiatives such as the Arbor Tour. I once worked with the Office of Public Affairs to ensure our design systems followed university branding guidelines. For the following project, I was asked to create print-ready vector-based packaging materials for the new webcam covers provided to students. I integrated the suggested templates with STS and Washington University branding guidelines. In terms of writing the content, I edited suggested copy to maintain a friendly but professional and trustworthy voice. Years later, the stand of webcam covers still sits at the front desk.
Sam Fox Office of Communications: Public Lecture Series
2020 to 2021
As the student designer for the Sam Fox School’s Office of Communications, I design and produce social media graphics and large posters for weekly Sam Fox Public Lecture Series. Work within tight deadlines to incorporate feedback and adhere to Sam Fox branding standards. In the Spring of 2020 before the pandemic hit the Midwest, I designed and produced large-scale foamcore posters using a plotter printer, foam core, and spray fixative. For the 2020-2021 school year, I designed social media posts for the @samfoxschool Instagram page.
Cultural Leadership: Transformational Trivia Night
Spring 2021
Cultural Leadership’s Development Director Jasmine Pickens, with whom I worked previously as a Graphic Designer for Student Union PR, commissioned me to create graphics for the nonprofit’s annual Trivia Night event. I communicated with her asynchronously and remotely to produce a printed double-sided invitation, a Zoom background, and social media graphics, all with a couple rounds of revision. To emphasize the virtual Spring Break motif, I explored the theme of boarding passes and travel postcards.
Drafts and iterations that didn’t make the cut:
All Student Theatre: Melancholy Play
Spring 2019
As a designer for Student Union PR, I worked with All Student Theatre to design promotional materials for their upcoming production of Sarah Ruhl’s “Melancholy Play.” I deeply researched the play and met with an exec member of All Student Theatre to discuss motifs, colors, typography, and imagery. The bottom row showcases the final designs, which include almond textures (spoiler alert: at the end of the play, five characters mysteriously turn into almonds).
Association of Black Students: Black Since 50 Years Back
Spring 2019
In April 2019, The Association of Black Students at Washington University in St. Louis held its 50th annual Gala. As a designer for Student Union PR, I met frequently with the 2018-2019 president, Jasmine Pickens, to make this program booklet. Jasmine provided me with the already-made invitations, from which I emulated the look and feel to create a print-ready program booklet. You can view the booklet on issuu. Jasmine let me know that many of the gala attendees loved the program booklet, and was even kind enough to give me a copy. She later reached out to me about a year later to commission me for the annual gala of the nonprofit where she now works, Cultural Leadership.
Black Anthology: essential(s)
Summer 2020 to Spring 2021
As the Show Artist for Black Anthology, Washington University’s oldest cultural show which celebrates Black culture, I worked closely with the production’s playwright and producer to develop the show art to represent the production. I did Tech Crew for my high school’s theater program for three years and saw every production of Black Anthology when I was a student at Washington University, so it was a real pleasure to be able to create the show art. One of my favorite parts of the process was talking with our wonderful playwright Jamila Dawkins so I could make sure I understood the core themes of her script. I feel grateful to have been able to work with the passionate, inspiring group of people that makes up the exec board of Black Anthology. Please view the program booklet on issuu. Below is a 9-tile Instagram graphic advertising the DJ-run opening to the 2021 livestream.
Pride Alliance: It’s Gay Dammit
Spring 2019
As one of two Publicity Chairs for Pride Alliance from Spring 2018 to Spring 209, I designed publicity materials and the annual Pride Alliance t-shirt. President (and beloved friend) Sonia suggested we make a play on Campus Life’s “WashU Pride” t-shirts, which say “WASHU PRIDE” on the front and “IT’S IN ST. LOUIS DAMMIT” on the back. Various LGBTQ+ students joked that the Campus Life shirt was co-opting Pride Alliance’s name. Sonia wanted ours to say “WASHU PRIDE” on the front but “IT’S GAY DAMMIT” on the back. I worked with her to make her dream come true. Our members loved it.
(Then, because I was also a Campus Life employee, I was ironically asked to update the original “WASHU PRIDE” shirt.)

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